Customer satisfaction

Our most important aim is customer satisfaction. This is why our business is always eager to improve customer services.
Beneath our unique 10 commandments of customer satisfaction:

  1. strict and continuous quality control of our products
  2. uninterrupted enhancement and improvement of our products
  3. enabling of tailor-made customer demands
  4. continuous extension of our product portfolio
  5. premium pre-buy support
  6. easy transactions
  7. to hold the indicated – in most cases short – delivery period
  8. shipping is carried out insured and with save packaging
  9. free of charge after-buy service via telephone and internet
  10. trouble-free complaints management via telephone or our email support service

If we are not able to keep our commandments at any time you are entitled for a 5 € voucher for your next order. This rule also applies if your purchase is 3 working days later as promised.
However, if you are still not satisfied with either our products or our service please feel free to immediately contact us. We will find a solution for your problem as soon as possible!